Limitations and Restrictions

Limitations and Restrictions:  The data, charts, reviews and key performance metrics (KPI’s) provided by Kootenai County are offered in good faith and are designed to provide condensed information to interested parties using selected data sources. We do our best to ensure that our charts, graphics and KPIs are representative, timely, accurate and relevant.  However, the information is provided “as is” without audit or warranty and may contain human error. Users are encouraged to review other data or sources to reach their own conclusions. Kootenai County shall not be held responsible for any claim of damages, loss or harm arising from access to, or use of, our performance indicators.

The Kootenai County key performance indicators are released with the following disclaimers:

  • The performance indicators often include data from third party sources.  The source of the data is listed on each performance indicator. Kootenai County is not responsible for the accuracy of third party data.
  • The absence or inclusion of notes to KPI’s, charts or data should not be taken as conclusive in all contexts or application.
  • County-to-county comparisons or comparisons to other jurisdictions may have differences in services or staffing that may not be reflected in the performance indicator.
  • Internal year to year comparisons should be relatively comparative, but may not always be exact.  Changes can occur in staffing, department services or other areas that may affect the data.
  • Financial data may include budgeted or actual data. Whether the data is budgeted or actual will be noted but longer term graphics may contain a mix of each.
  • Data provided may reflect the variety of “years”, i.e. assessment year, budget year, fiscal year, tax year or calendar year.  This should also be noted on the performance indicator.
  • Charts that contain dual axes will have color coding to help make the chart more understandable.  The color of the text in the axis will match at least one color of each data series.
  • Some KPI’s, charts and/or graphs update in near real time, other performance indicators may be modified at any time without notice. 
  • The unmodified use and sharing of KPI’s, charts and data is permitted when presented in context with its limitations. Please contact analyst Nanci Plouffe for specific limitations.