Be Alert

It is very important that you remain alert while on any of our sites at all times. At our transfer stations, the environment is constantly changing. Please be sure to observe all traffic signs and maintain a speed of no more than 10 mph. Please follow directions given from staff; keep children and pets inside of vehicles at all times; and not smoke while on-site. While using any of our facilities, please refrain from using cellular telephones. This assists in keeping the traffic safely moving throughout the facility. Be aware of:

  • Forklifts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Large Trucks
  • Other Customers
  • Pedestrians
Safety First The Safe Way is the Best Way
Ramsey Floor Traffic

Transfer Station

The transfer station floor is a very busy place. With caution, you may enter the transfer station floor when a spot becomes available to park. We do have an employee working on or near the floor to assist with traffic flow. Please be patient. Customers with long trailers may be required to back into tight areas, or the loader may be clearing the floor. Either of these may cause delays and we ask that you follow the directions given to you by the employee directing traffic in these situations. Once in the building, be alert to other backing vehicles and watch your footing while unloading. To help protect other customers and employees, make sure that you turn your vehicle off while unloading.

Material Bins

There are small bins located on the transfer station floor for your convenience to assist in the separation of materials. These bins are for small quantities of wood, cardboard, metal, tires, and automobile batteries. Once unloaded, pull away and exit the building slowly. If you have now completed your entire trash disposal, proceed to the outbound scale house to weigh out. If you have other items to deposit elsewhere and you are unsure where to go, please ask one of our employees for assistance.