Idaho law does not allow the placement of tires or tire by-products in a landfill. Therefore, all tires deposited at the transfer stations are recycled. 

Disposing Tires

There are bins located inside the transfer station for tires. Customers are asked to place their tires in the bins labeled "Tires". Large amounts of tires or commercial customers will be directed to the loading area. Residential customers are permitted to dispose of up to 8 regular sized vehicle tires for free.   Tires on rims are charged to everyone.



Any tire on a rim (from residential or commercial customers) will be charged a fee. If a residential customer has more than 8 regular tires, a charge of $144.80 per ton will be assessed. Commercial customers are charged $144.80 per ton for regular sized rimless tires. There are additional charges for over-sized tires. No oversized tires are accepted on rims. See the scale house attendant for details on oversized tire prices.

Use of Recycled Tires

Tires are loaded and trucked to a recycling facility one to two times a month. The majority of the tires are chipped and used as a fuel source; others are used for rubberized running tracks, shoe soles, playground cover and crumb rubber asphalt in roads.