Community Service / Payment Plans


Community Service

Community Service is unpaid, volunteer work that is beneficial to the community. It gives you an opportunity to show that you will accept responsibility. Community Service can be a positive experience: it’s an opportunity to use your skills or talent for the benefit of others doing work that is self-satisfying, which you may wish to continue even after completing your required hours.

You must sign up for Community Service in person or over the phone before completing any hours. There is a $20 set up fee and a $0.60/hour workers’ compensation fee. Work must be completed at a non-profit 501c3 agency or place of worship. The Compliance Department provides a list of approved agencies within Kootenai County for you to choose from based on interest or location.

Those completing Community Service hours outside of Kootenai County must still sign up with the Compliance Department and pay associated costs; they are responsible for finding a 501c3 non-profit agency or place of worship in their area of residence.

Payment plans

Payment plans can be arranged for those owing $200 or more on Kootenai County cases. A one-time set up fee of $12.50 + your first payment must be paid to start a payment plan. They can be arranged in person or over the phone. Being on a Payment Plan keeps your balance out of collections. As long as you are current on your plan, the balance will stay with Kootenai County District Court.

We do not have automatic payments, so you will need to actively make a payment each month in person, over the phone, by mail, or online. You can may more than your minimum any time you’d like, or pay off the balance early with no penalty.

Multiple cases can be consolidated onto a payment plan, providing just one monthly payment, as well as protection from outstanding cases going to our collections company.