Instructional Videos

Kootenai County Court Assistance Office

CAO Instructional Videos

The instructions in these videos are not a substitute for legal advice. 

The laws and court rules are complex and following these instructions will not guarantee you a favorable result. Please consult with a licensed attorney for legal advice.

How to fill out a Parenting Plan:

How to fill out your forms. 

How to Start and Finish your case. 

Important: Custody- Joint vs. Sole  

Information for Self Represented Parties 

NOTICE:  The Court Assistance Officer does not represent parties or any of their interests.  While confidentiality practices concerning anything discussed are utilized, it is not guaranteed.  The Court Assistance Officer may provide services to the opposing party/ies (other person/s involved in the same case).  The Court Assistance Officer can only give information; not interpretations of laws or strategies for any case.  If seeking representation, a confidential consultation, or legal advice, you will have to consult with a private attorney.