Kootenai County Property Tax Rates

Kootenai County Property Tax Rates Compared to Other Counties in Idaho

Over the past several years, Kootenai County has had significantly lower property tax rates than the other counties in Idaho with more than 100,000 population. In fact, Kootenai County’s property tax rates are lower than 70% of all counties in Idaho and are 17% lower than the state average of all 44 counties.

2021 Rates

Kootenai County Property Tax Levy Rates

The property tax levy per $100,000 of home value has continued to decrease as the median home prices have risen over the past seven years.



Kootenai County (KC) collects property tax dollars for approximately 45 taxing districts. However, KC only gets the property tax related to its own KC functions. The other taxing districts set their own budgets and receive the taxes levied against your property. KC has NO say in the budget process of other taxing districts, (with the exception of EMS in which KC shares responsibility in the budget process with local cities). Each taxing district has their own board of commissioners or city councils.

  • The process to determine your property tax is based on the net market value of all property in the jurisdiction of the taxing district in which your home resides, divided by the requested tax dollars from each individual taxing district.
  • The KC assessor is the elected official responsible for determining the "market value" of all properties in KC. The assessor mails his opinion on the value of the property to the property owner in May of each year. Property owners must address any market value concerns with the Assessor when these statements are received or otherwise file an appeal with the Board of Equalization.
  • By Idaho state law, the assessed value of your property must be within 90%-100% of the fair market value. If your home appreciated in market value (people moving in are paying more for homes in your neighborhood) then you will pay more in property taxes. The good aspect of this is that your home is worth more money if you decide to sell.
  • Idaho state legislators have granted many "exemptions" to various types of property. One very common exemption is the Homeowner Exemption for properties that are owner occupied as their primary residence. This exemption is limited to the lesser of $100,000 or 50% of the property value. You must apply for this exemption with the County Assessor. Examples of other common exemptions are: nonprofit properties may get up to a 100% exemption, agricultural and forestry land can get exemptions up to 99%, and developers recently received a 75% exemption on property they hold until sold. Please check with the County Assessor for more information on exemptions.