Property Value Appeals: What You Need To Know


The County Assessor recently sent out the annual property value assessments. This is the amount that your county property taxes will be based on. What do you do if you believe the value on your property is wrong?  

  1. Consider this – WHY do you think the value is wrong? The answer to this question should be the main factor in deciding whether or not to contact the County regarding your concerns.HouseDollar Sign
    • Example 1: “I don’t think my house is worth that much! I could never get that much if I sold it right now!” 
    • Example 2: “I’ve done improvements! My house is worth WAY more than that!” 
    • Example 3: “My value has gone up, but I haven’t done any property improvements. That doesn’t make sense!”
    • Example 4: “My taxes are high enough already! I don’t want another tax increase!”

If your concern is related to example #1 or #2, keep reading! You might want to begin the appeal process if you have evidence to support a different value. If your concern is related to example #3 or #4, you should know that filing an appeal may not be the most effective way to address these concerns. There are many factors that determine how your value affects your taxes, and you will need to understand those factors in order to file a successful appeal. 

2. If you can prove that your assessed value is substantially more than you could sell your property for, you may want to consider an appeal. Read the instructions carefully and call the phone numbers on the form if you have any questions. (Contacting the Assessor’s Office is an important step – if a true error was made, you may not need to file an appeal at all.) 

3. Gather your supporting documentation. A value appeal hearing is considered to be a ‘quasijudicial’ hearing. That means that the law requires you to provide evidence, similar to if you were going to court. The more relevant documentation you can provide to prove the value of your property, the better the chance of your appeal being successful. 

4. Complete the application, attach your supporting documents, make one copy of everything (and one for yourself, if you want one), and submit your application packet to the Board of Commissioners’ Office by 5:00pm on Monday, June 28, 2021. 

As you consider an appeal, here are a few more things to know: 

The PropertyValue HouseGraphicincrease in your property value is NOT directly proportional to the amount of a possible tax increase. (If your value increased 30%, your taxes will not increase by 30%.)

  • Property values are largely determined by market sales. If similar properties in your area are selling for a similar amount to your assessed value, it may be correct, even if you haven’t done any property improvements recently.

For more information about the assessment process and filing for an appeal hearing, please visit the County Commissioners page on our website at