Marriage Licenses



Please complete the online marriage application BEFORE visiting the Recorder’s Office. (Marriage Application):

  • Applicants 18 years of age and older must:
    • Appear together in our office
    • Be getting married in the state of Idaho
    • Present payment in cash or card
      • Cash:$31
      • Credit/Debit Card: $32.93 
    • Have knowledge of United States social security number
    • Present government issued, photo identification
      • Photo identification can be expired as long as the picture is of good likeness of the applicant. 
  • View requirements for applicants 17 and under (PDF)

Application Instructions

Once the marriage license is issued, the couple will present it to the officiant of their choosing so they may perform a wedding ceremony. In Idaho, the marriage license has no expiration date, witnesses are not required, and there is no waiting period. You and your officiant do not need to be Idaho residents, but your ceremony must take place in the State of Idaho

Additional Requirements for Non U.S. Residents

Non U.S. residents must bring photo identification from the country in which he or she currently resides. They must also visit the U.S. Social Security Office to obtain a letter verifying the status of their social security. The identification and letter must be presented to the recording clerk at the time of marriage application.

Performing a Marriage Ceremony in Kootenai County

You are not required to be an Idaho resident if you are performing a wedding ceremony in the state. View further instructions (PDF)

Correcting an Already Issued Marriage License

If there is incorrect information on your marriage license, please submit a signed and notarized Affidavit of Correction (PDF) to our office by mail or in person.