Request for Ordinance Changes

The Board of County Commissioners Has Directed the Parks and Waterways Department to Adopt the Following Procedures for Waterways Requests

In order to request a change to Kootenai County Waterways Ordinance or other matters affecting a public waterway, one of the following conditions must apply:  

  • A permanent underwater hazard is present on a public waterway and should be marked for the safety of the general boating public. Examples: submerged rock formations, sandbars, or other permanent natural structures, which could cause damage too persons or vessels.

  • Marinas with twenty-five (25) or more slips, which provide services to the public such as moorage, fuel, and other services.

  • Public or “semi-public” swim areas located in high traffic boating areas where more than fifty (50) swimmers may be present. “Semi-public” swim areas may include Boy/Girl Scout camps, church camps, and other 501-C3 non-profit organizations that allow the general public to attend programs and utilize swim area.

  • Unique conditions are present that create a significant hazard to public safety, as determined by the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office. Requests shall include a signed letter from the Sheriff’s Office to the Board of County Commissioners stating the specific recommendation, to include supporting accident and citation data relevant to the request

The Process: 

  1. If the request meets one of the approved conditions, you need to contact the Parks and Waterways Department to request that your item be placed on the next Waterways Advisory Board meeting agenda. (208)446-1275 or

  2. The requesting party is required to attend the Waterways Advisory Board meeting to present the request. Presentations are limited to five-minutes. Information relevant to your request, such as maps, photos or other materials, should be submitted by email ( at least five business days in advance of the meeting.

  3. The Waterways Advisory Board will make a recommendation on the request to the Board of County Commissioners. This will occur in a meeting with the Commissioners, which is typically scheduled within two-weeks of the Waterways Advisory Board meeting.

  4. In cases where the request involves placement of buoys for a privately owned marina or “semi-public” swim area, the requesting party will be responsible for all costs associated with the activity, and will be required to enter into an agreement with the County for long-term maintenance costs.