Boat Launch Fees


A credit card processing fee will be added to this transaction. An Annual Boat Launch Pass sticker will be mailed to you.


Vessels Registered in Idaho

Vessels Registered Outside of Idaho

Fee envelopes and drop boxes are available at each facility for purchase of launch fees. Annual passes are available for purchase at the Parks and Waterways Office and the Vehicle Licensing Offices in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls.


Penalties for violations are set forth in Section 6-2-16, subsection D of the Kootenai County code as stated:

Fees For Noncommercial Use Of County Facilities

  1. The board shall have the authority, by resolution duly enacted, to implement fees for noncommercial use of county facilities. Fees, the uses for which a fee is required, and any other terms and conditions concerning such fees and uses, shall be as specified in the resolution. Any such fees shall comply with the requirements of sections 31-870 and 63-1311A, Idaho Code.
  2. The county auditor shall cause all revenues from fees collected as authorized by this subsection D to be placed into a dedicated account known as the "waterways user fee account". Such revenues shall be used solely for the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of county facilities. The board may enter into agreements with federal, state, tribal or local entities further specifying the allocation and use of such fees.
  3. In addition to or in lieu of any infraction penalty, the director or sheriff, or designee thereof, or a court of competent jurisdiction, may impose a surcharge of $10 for each violation of this subsection D in addition to the amount of the applicable fee. Failure to pay any fee or surcharge imposed as authorized in this subsection D shall constitute an infraction. Upon a conviction for any violation of this subsection D, the court may also enter a civil judgment for any unpaid fees or surcharges then due and owing. (Ordinance 402, September 11, 2007).