Record Custodian/Forms


  1. Click on the department names below (+ and - signs) to see what documents each department can provide (list on right). Choosing the wrong departmental form may cause significant delays.
  2. PRINT FORM: Select the PDF form option. Complete the form, click ’print’, sign the form, and then email or mail it to the department. (Contact information is at the top of page 1.) Page two is ONLY needed for email requests.
  3. ONLINE SUBMISSION: Choose the ’online’ option, complete the form, and submit using the buttons at the bottom. 

NOTE: Marriage licenses and court documents cannot be requested through this process. For marriage license request information, visit the Recorder’s page of our website. For court documents, call (208) 446-1180 or email

Police reports and 9-1-1 record requests MUST be submitted to the Sheriff’s Office (KCSO).  The Sheriff’s Office Public Records form may be found by clicking here.

If you need Planning & Zoning documents for a property within city limits or a police report from a city department (Rathdrum Police, CDA Police, or Post Falls Police), please contact city hall.

To insure that your request is directed appropriately, please click on the tab on the left that is most closely associated with records you are requesting.

  1. Assessor
  2. Clerk
  3. Commissioner
  4. Community Development
  5. District Court
  6. Elections
  7. Human Resources
  8. Prosecutor
  9. Treasurer

Custodian of:

  • Assessment Information
  • Land Records
  • Exemption Data
  • Tribal Boundaries
  • City Limit Boundaries

Contact Information:

  • Email Assessor's Office
  • Custodian: Shelly Amos
  • Phone: 208-446-1500
  • Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Public Records Request Form Available Below. Choose either PDF or On-Line version:

Assessor Online Public Records Request Form

Assessor Public Records Request Form-Fillable (PDF)

Assessor Public Records Request Form (PDF)