Juvenile Probation

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About the Program

In cases where Diversion is inappropriate, youth will then be formally adjudicated in court, and often placed on County Probation. Probation is a more formal, structured, and restrictive approach for the habitual and /or serious offender.


Probation personnel are public servants, answerable to the Court and the taxpayers, dedicated to serving today's youth and the community by providing probation services in the most professional manner. The Staff are officers of the Court and must act within a prescribed set of rules.

Balanced Approach

Many believe that probation is a punishment. It is actually freedom from incarceration, a privilege not to be taken lightly. This can have a positive impact for the youth, their family and the community. One goal is to provide offenders the opportunity and ability to make positive choices in their lives. To achieve this we use the "balanced approach", the elements of which are to assure community protection, hold offenders accountable, and to assist in competency development.

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The Probation Officer is much like a coach who gives guidance and advice, points out what's working and what's not. On game day, they sit on the sidelines and the players take the field to win or lose on their own. This is a way it is in life, and it always seems to boil down to two things: attitude and desire.


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