Dr. Duke Johnson

Title: Coroner
Phone: 208-446-2199

Dr Duke Johnson M.D. is cofounder of Heart of Hope Health in Hayden which is a direct primary care which focuses on natural preventive and proactive healthcare allowing patients to be in control of their healthcare in a respectful and caring environment.

Dr Duke has a lengthy Idaho family lineage. His great grandfather homesteaded in Shoshone County about the time Idaho became a state. Great grandparents on both sides of his family immigrated to Idaho from Europe in order to become entrepreneurs and enjoy the freedom and beauty of this state. His family are true Idahoans. He is a graduate of Coeur d’Alene High School.

Dr Duke attended UCLA and graduated from their medical school beginning his medical career in emergency medicine at in an extremely busy trauma center after training in some of the busiest trauma centers in Los Angeles. He enjoyed emergency medicine working for several years in that capacity but decided to change his career path after realizing that many patients he was seeing in the emergency department could have avoided their later life traumas if they had received true preventive medical care earlier in life. He soon developed a passion for preventive medicine becoming the main physician with a healthcare company that provided health risk appraisal screening to major corporations.   

One of those companies was the largest supplement manufacturer in the world, where he created medical programs that both enhanced healthcare while reducing healthcare costs 25%. The company built a multimillion-dollar center of optimal health where Dr Duke became Medical Director assessing 17,000 global patients and eventually traveled globally teaching preventive medicine in 30 different countries to millions of distributors. In that position, he also provided guidance to the multibillion dollar company employees and distributors during pandemics including SARS 1 (covid-19 is SARS 2).

Dr Johnson and his wife of 34 years moved back to North Idaho in 1999 in order to raise their children here. He has a vast array of medical experience and is bringing it to Kootenai County in the office of coroner in order to protect its citizens.


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