Standard Conditions of Diversion

Juveniles participating in the Diversion program are required to abide by a number of conditions, some of which are standard for any juvenile in the program, others of which are specific to the circumstances underlying their offense.  Any violation of these conditions can result in additional consequences, up to and including the juvenile being failed from the program and their case being referred back to the Prosecuting Attorney for possible prosecution and formal Court action.

The following is a list of standard conditions that any minor participating in the Diversion program is required to follow;

  • To not violate any local, state, or Federal laws.
  • To fully cooperate with all law enforcement and to immediately report any contact with law enforcement to the case officer.
  • To follow the reasonable directives of parents, guardians, or custodians.
  • To report weekly to the case officer and/or other designee as instructed.
  • To immediately notify the Diversion office of any changes in phone number, address, school enrollment, or other contact information.
  • To submit to drug testing at the discretion of the case officer.
  • To consent to a search of any areas under the juvenile’s care or control with or without cause.
  • To attend school with no unexcused absences, to follow school rules, and to apply their best effort in school.
  • To have no direct, indirect, or electronic social contact with anyone on Juvenile Diversion, Probation or Parole, anyone whom they know to be actively engaged in an illegal activity, or anyone else specifically designated by the case officer.  Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the case officer.
  • To abide by all other conditions that specifically apply to the juvenile’s case to include completion of community service hours, payment of restitution owed, payment of fees owed, participation in, and successful completion of, any special programming or classes being required, completion of any reports or other assignments required, etc.
  • Parents of juveniles in the Diversion program are REQUIRED to report any violations of these conditions and/or any criminal activities committed by the juvenile to Juvenile Diversion.