Equipment Loan Out

Kootenai County residents can borrow this equipment for private, non-commercial use at no cost for seven days to treat weeds and renovate your property.

Loan Out Equipment

Herbicide Sprayers

  • Backpack Sprayers: Holds 4 Gallons
  • Handheld Sprayers: Holds 1 Gallon
  • ATV Tank Sprayer: Holds 25 Gallons - Use with any vehicle/ ATV - Requires 12 volts

Seed/Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Push Spreader - Push like a lawnmower
  • Tow Behind Spreader - Tow with ATV or similar vehicle
    Electric Spreader - Mounts to A TV deck or similar vehicle - Requires 12 volts
  • Hand-Crank Seed Spreader - Straps to front of body
    - Cranked by hand


  • Harrow - Drag with ATV or similar vehicle to scruff up dirt prior to seeding **Must call to schedule pickup**
  • Weed Wrench - Uses leverage to pull out woody plants
  • Knotweed Injector - Injects herbicide directly into hollow stems

Our services include:

Free site inspections, Noxious Weed Identification and control recommendations