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Important Campaign Finance Filing Information

Pursuant to Section 67-6603, Idaho Code, no contribution shall be received or any expenditure made by or on behalf of a candidate until they appoint a political treasurer. A candidate may appoint himself his own political treasurer.

Pursuant to Section 67-6608(1), Idaho Code, a candidate is exempt from filing reports until such a time as the candidate receives contributions or expends funds in the amount of $500 or more.

** Any candidate that reaches the $500 threshold must create a Campaign Finance account through the Secretary of State Campaign Finance Portal.

With the 2020 campaign finance law changes, officeholders and candidates will now need to file their C-1 and campaign finance reports on the Secretary of State’s website portal**. If this is an election year for a candidate, monthly financial reports are due on the 10th of every month of that election year. Here is the link to sign up.

June 30, 2020 Secretary of State Directive 2020-03: Campaign Finance Portal C1 Filings for County, City, and Local District Offices Sought

Click here for the 2021 Sunshine Manual and the 2020 Campaign Disclosure Manual from the Secretary of State’s office.