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Important Campaign Finance Filing Information


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Campaign Finance Portal User Guide (PDF)


While we are here to help—ultimately a candidate/PAC is responsible for their own filings.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that each candidate and/or treasurer take the time to learn how to properly submit campaign finance reports.  Please utilize the campaign finance user guide that can be found on the campaign finance portal.  If a candidate/PAC needs help amending a report, please call Sheryl Millard (208-334-2852) at the Idaho Secretary of State's Office.  She will be able to walk you through the correct process to amend a report.  

  • On the 8th or 9th of the month A campaign finance reminder (email and text) will be sent to a candidate/PAC/treasurer that has not yet submitted a required report.  
  • On the 11th of the month A 24 hour Warning (email and text) will be sent to any candidate/PAC/treasurer that has not submitted their required report by the 10th.  This warning will also be followed up by a phone call to inform you about a $50 a day charge if a report is not submitted by 12:00 AM on 13th day of the month.
  •  A letter will be sent out on 14th day of the month stating, until a report is submitted— a candidate/PAC will be charged $50 a day.  It will be noted that those charges started accruing at 12:00 AM on the 13th day of the month. 

  • Monthly reports are due for candidates once they have reached the $500 threshold in contributions or expenses if it is their active election year.  Once you have reach that $500 threshold, file your first $500 report right away—do not wait until the 10th.  The monthly report will still need to be submitted for the same month you filed your first $500 report. The annual report will also need to be submitted by January 10th.  
  •  If a candidate NEVER reaches the $500 threshold, there are no reports (including the annual report) that have to be submitted
  • If a candidate reaches the $500 threshold in contributions or expenses in their non-active election year, they will still need to submit the first $500 reportThey then will ONLY have to submit the annual report due on January 10th; no monthly reports will be due.
  • If it is a candidate’s non-active election year and they have previously reached the $500 threshold, they will only need to file the annual report due by January 10th.  
  • NOTE: $1000 contributions must still be reported within 48 hours, even if it is not a candidates/office holder’s election year. 
  • PACs will be required to file monthly reports if they have any intention of being active for a candidate and/or measure in that particular election year.  If a PAC is not active in that election year cycle, they will only be required to file their annual report.
  • NOTE: $1000 PAC contributions must still be reported within 48 hours, even if a PAC does not plan to be active that election year.
  • A Candidate/PAC’s account has to have $0 cash balance and $0 outstanding debt to be terminated.  A report cannot be terminated unless these two requirements are met—reports will continue to be due. Please call our office (208-446-1030) to terminate your account; otherwise, reports will continue to be due.

Independent Expenditures, Precinct Committeemen and Electioneering Communication (In Support or Opposition of a Measure or Candidate)

(Even Year Election Cycle) Precinct Committeeman do no need to file a C-1; however, Precinct Committeemen or any other individual will need to file either a C-4 (Independent Expenditure form)—filed not less than 7 days prior to a primary or general election and filed not less than 30 days after a primary or general election) or a C-8 (Electioneering Communication form)—within 30 days of a primary and within 60 days of a general election) if they spend $100 or more