Liens & Reimbursements

Please be advised that pursuant to Idaho Code 31-3504(4):

  • If you or a 3rd party submit an application for assistance with your medical bills, Kootenai County will place a lien on your REAL and PERSONAL property.
  • If you or a 3rd party submit an application for medical bills or for non-medical assistance, Kootenai County will require that, per Idaho Code 31-3403(16), indigent persons repay the County when investigation determines the ability to do so.
  • If you are ordered to reimburse the county, all liens will remain active until Kootenai County and the Catastrophic Health Care Program have been paid back the full amount that has been expended on the applicant's behalf.


Using taxpayer funds, Kootenai County pays to assist county residents who are in need. These funds are provided through property taxation and the Board of County Commissioners believes that where possible, these funds should be recovered so that others who are in need can be helped. Reimbursement also reduces the need to increase taxes for this purpose.