Code Enforcement


Our Mission is to partner with Kootenai County citizens to administer a fair, consistent code compliance program which promotes voluntary compliance and serves to protect natural resources, enhance property values while maintaining a safe, desirable living and working environment.


To foster a community where all properties and natural resources are maintained in a manner consistent with progressive ordinances, community pride, neighborhood integrity focused on protection of public health, well-being and enhanced livability standards for future generations.

What We Do

Investigate complaints, enforce codes/ordinances related to Kootenai County building code, property maintenance, zoning, planning, special land use, signs and permits. [Common Code Violations].

What We Don't Do - Other Agency Responsibilities

Enforce City Ordinances - Contact the specific city jurisdiction

Enforce Noxious Weed Control – Contact Noxious Weed Control Department  at              

Shoreline matters below the Ordinary High Water Mark – Contact Idaho Department of Lands; Idaho Department of Water Resources and Army Corps of Engineers.

Septic and Well Violations - Contact Panhandle Health District

Food Safety - Contact Panhandle Health District

Violation within the right of way (abandoned vehicles, trash, etc.) - Contact specific highway district (Post Falls, Lakes, Eastside, Worley, Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD)

Road Maintenance – Contact respective highway district or ITD.

Dangerous and/or Diseased Trees