Urban Renewal Funding

In tax year 2019, $12,883,958 – a 11.34% increase from last year - will flow from 22 different taxing entities to five urban renewal agencies. Totals by urban renewal agency are:

Totals by urban renewal agency are:

Harrison Urban Renewal Agency:$2,941
Hayden Urban Renewal Agency:$796,384
Lake City Development Corporation:$6,512,911
Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency: $5,249,868
Spirit Lake Urban Renewal Agency:$321,854

Information Organization

The three Urban Renewal District (URD) reports show the same information in three ways: 

  1. Incremental property tax funds that will flow to Kootenai County’s urban renewal agencies during this current tax year
  2. From what taxing authorities the moneys are being diverted
  3. Comparative report with tax year 2018.


View the Urban Renewal District Reports.