Is my parcel buildable?

Several components are considered when determining whether or not a parcel is eligible to receive a building permit. There are some questions you may want to consider:

  • Do I have an approved approach from a public road, and, if not, do I have a deeded ingress/egress easement to allow me to use the private road?
  • Do I have septic approval?
  • Was my lot legally created?
  • Does my lot meet the minimum lot size for my zoning classification?
  • Because of the complexity of this issue, you should discuss your particular situation with a planner.

For more information, contact Community Development at 208-446-1070.

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1. Is my parcel buildable?
2. What is my zoning?
3. Am I located in a Flood Zone?
4. Do I have septic approval for my site?
5. What are my property dimensions and/or where are my property corners located?
6. Am I located within the City or am I in an unincorporated area of the County?
7. May I have two residences on my property?
8. Are there any restrictions on placing mobile homes in the County?
9. Can I subdivide my land?
10. I think my neighbor is not in compliance to zoning regulations. What can I do?