What if I just want to let my land grow "natural"?
  • That is the free choice of each individual landowner, and may be the right one if they either do not wish to cut any trees, hire a forester, have no timber management experience or do not want to spend the time, money and energy it takes to maintain and manage timber as a crop. The honesty of the decision is admirable, but the bottom line is that the parcel will not qualify or be classified as timberland if it is left "natural". It will be assessed at full market value.
  • It is the county's responsibility to ensure that the intent of the law is being accomplished by land owners actively managing their land for the primary purpose of raising trees as a crop. The timber classification requires administering proper silvicultural treatments to encourage growth, health, and sustainable yields for the purpose of generating income at some point and time through eventual harvest(s).

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6. What if I just want to let my land grow "natural"?
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