What is entailed in the application? And how often do we need to apply?
  • The application is needed to identify the acres you wish to have assessed as timber-producing land (there is no cost to file).  The application and the management plan must be received by the Assessor's Office by April 15th of the year when you wish to be assessed in the program. 
  • Applications identify the landowner(s), addresses, parcel & AIN #'s, legal description of parcel, number of acres being applied for, and which option of timberland classification you wish to have your land assessed. The classifications are Land Productivity or Bare Land & Yield, which are explained below.
  • Applications are also considered proof of an agreement between landowner & county that any land classified for timber has a primary purpose of maintaining and managing the trees on said land as a crop for eventual harvest. This is further evidenced by the management plan and physical activities administered on the ground.
  • As long as there are no physical, ownership, or use changes to the parcel, you are only required to file once for as long as you own and manage the parcel for timber production. Management plans must be updated as harvesting occurs, as that changes the description and prescription on existing plans.
  • Every 10 years (based from 1982) land owners have the opportunity to change from one timber option to the other, (productivity to bare land or visa versa). All timberland under the same ownership within Idaho has to carry the same option, so if one is changed all need to be changed.
  • Any changes, (segregation, plat, name changes, land use on all or a portion, acres, swaps, lot line adjustments-- any change) Requires the new submission of application and plan update or the land(s) will be removed from the classification.
  • As long as land owners stay active in the management of their timber crop, with proper silvicultural prescriptions and treatment when need arises, their lands will remain qualified. A new application will not be needed barring changes mentioned above. All properties receiving the classification will be inspected for their compliance periodically to assure they are still being maintained for timber production. If they are determined to be inactive, the owner will be notified and the parcel will be removed from timber classification. 

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