What is an occupancy tax?

Only property that exists on January 1st is taxed on the regular role that year. New construction is added to the occupancy role. The amount of the occupancy tax is the value of the structure(s) prorated from the month they are first put into use to the end of that year and multiplied by the levy rate.


A home is built on an existing property. It's completed and use begins in July. The assessment notice that is sent out in June that year will not include the value of that home. Thus, the tax bill that is sent out in December will not include taxes for that home. A separate assessment notice that includes only the value of the home is sent out the beginning of the following year. Then a separate tax bill for just the home is sent out approximately two months later. The following year the value and taxes for that home will be included with all of the other property on that parcel.

  • Full Value of the Home: $235,000.00 
  • Prorated Value
    July to December (Value divided by 12 months multiplied by 5 months) = $97,916
    Multiply by the Tax Levy Rate - 0.018611084
    Equals the Occupancy Tax For the Barn = $911.16

See Idaho Code 63-317.

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