Why is fuel reduction important?

Kootenai County encompasses a fire regime that was once dominated by frequent low intensity wildfires. As our county increases in population these historic events have obviously been suppressed, deemed a public nuisance and damaging to values at risk (homes, etc). The vegetation responds and suppressed, shaded vegetation has continued in succession and often times provides a pathway for fire to burn from the surface to the crowns of trees with high rates of spread and large flame lengths. Hazardous fuels reduction modifies the fuel complex so that in the event of a wild land fire occurring, it burns with low intensity, small flame lengths, and slow rates of spread, easily managed by fire personnel. This keeps our values on the landscape and makes our county a safer place to live.

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1. Does my property qualify for treatment?
2. Are you clear cutting my property?
3. Do you have to treat my whole property?
4. What kind of work does hazardous fuels reduction entail?
5. How do you burn piles?
6. Why is fuel reduction important?