How did noxious weeds get here and where did they come from?

Most of these weeds came from Europe and Asia and were transported to the United States with the colonists who brought many plants and seeds species when they came to the United States. Accidental transport occurred in the ballast of ships, in the fleece and hair of livestock, in clothing, and as contaminants in agricultural seed. Other weeds came in as medicine, dyes and ornamental plants. A portion of the noxious weeds were intentionally introduced for use in agriculture, landscaping, erosion control and for sale in the nursery trade. Contact Noxious Weed Control at 208-446-1290 for more information.

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1. Is there a law in Idaho that requires landowners to control the noxious weeds on their property?
2. I thought the Noxious Weed Control Office took care of all the weeds in the county?
3. Who takes care of the noxious weeds on private roads?
4. What is a noxious weed?
5. How did noxious weeds get here and where did they come from?
6. My neighbor has spotted knapweed it looks bad and it is blowing into my yard. What can I do?
7. The spotted knapweed on my neighbor's property looks awful! Would you please do an inspection and make them spray it?
8. What is a surfactant and why should I use one?
9. Every year I spray the weeds on my property and the next year it seems I have as many or more than before. How can I stop the weeds?
10. I would like to know what types of weeds are growing on my property. Can the Noxious Weed Control Department help me with this?
11. Does your office provide herbicide to private landowners or can they purchase it from the county?
12. Why should I care about noxious weeds? I want my land to be natural!
13. What is an EDRR Weed?