To professionally appraise real and personal property in Kootenai County through recognized and approved mass appraisal techniques. We instill and maintain public confidence and assure properties are valued uniformly and equitably.


Over the next five years, the Appraisal Division will continue to experience increased workloads. By acquiring and utilizing new technology, the division will be able to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness and will continue to provide superior service. The division will be recognized as a leader in the assessment field, be respected by private sector real estate professionals and the taxpaying public and admired by our peers in other assessment jurisdictions. Employees will be deemed the most competent and professional assessment staff in Idaho.


We believe that uniformity and equity in property taxes is based on sound mass appraisal practice. We work as a team to provide a high-quality product and superior taxpayer service. We believe in honesty, openness and courtesy with taxpayers and among ourselves. We encourage problem solving and innovation. We believe employee training and education, along with new technology, are the keys to keeping ahead of an ever increasing work-load in a cost-effective manner.