What are my conditions of probation in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court?

Some of the standard conditions of probation in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Courtare as follows:

  • Should I be terminated from the treatment program, I will be sentenced by the Court based upon my admission to the probation violation(s) (or if a new charge, based upon my guilty plea).
  • Shall participate in and complete the Drug Court Personal Recovery Program as designed by my treatment provider to the satisfaction of the Court.
  • Shall not knowingly associate with persons using or possessing controlled substances and shall not associate with any person(s) the Court or probation officer specifically restricts me from associating with, this may include family members.
  • Shall not work with any police agency on drug cases or cases where I may come into contact with controlled substances. I may voluntarily provide historical information to a police agency regarding my involvement with controlled substances.
  • Pay a non-refundable participation fee in an amount to be determined based on ability to pay, not to exceed $300 per month. Should i be terminated from the program for any reason, the participation fee and any unpaid treatment costs will still be due and owing.
  • Any failure of the treatment program (including but not limited to positive urinalysis tests, missing treatment, violation of release conditions, commission of a new crime) may result in modification of the treatment program, release conditions, revocations of my release, and/or termination from the program.
  • Seek and maintain employment or obtain employment counseling, complete high school or obtain a G.E.D. as directed by the Court. Must be employed full time or alternative as ordered by your probation officer.
  • Appear in court for any scheduled hearings regardless of my compliance with the treatment program.
  • Length of time of participation in the program is ordinarily 18 months, but the Court may extend the program to allow me additional time to successfully complete my program requirements.
  • Report any change of address and/or phone number to the Court and my treatment provider within 48 hours. I must get permission from my probation officer prior to moving.
  • Submit to random urinalysis testing at my own expense. Any unpaid tests at termination will still be due and owing.
  • Maintain regular contact with my attorney
  • Appear for all court dates.
  • Remain in Kootenai County, except for employment, court, or family visitation purposes with permission of your Probation Officer. Permission must be obtained five days prior to leaving.
  • Commit no law violations.
  • Shall not possess or use a police band scanner.
  • Report all law enforcement contacts immediately to probation officer (Any contact even if not arrested or cited).
  • Not use or possess any non-prescribed substance(s) or alcohol. All prescriptions must be shown to probation officer, treatment personnel and drug testing personnel immediately upon receipt.
  • If you have a current prescription, you must take any prescribed medications in the prescribed dosages at the prescribed times.
  • Not use or possess any substances intended to alter the results of a test of my blood, breath, or urine. All positive, adulterated or diluted urinalysis are considered to be positive.
  • Shall report to/be available for contact with probation officer, counselor, and treatment provider.
  • Shall not use, possess, or sell any illegal controlled substances or drug paraphernalia.
  • Shall obey all geographic restrictions set forth by the Drug Court Judge or probation officer.
  • Shall be prohibited from possessing a weapon or look-alike weapon or ammunition.
  • Consent to interviews in residence upon request of counselor, treatment provider or probation officer.
  • Shall not take any health supplements or herbal pills, powders, or "remedies." Only allowed one brand name over-the-counter daily multi-vitamin unless doctor prescribed. Also shall not consume any poppy seed products.
  • Cannot go to any local casino.
  • May not enter any establishments wherein the primary source of income is the dispensing of alcoholic beverages (no bars, liquor stores, alcohol cruises, or taverns).
  • Must abide by 10 p.m. curfew unless receiving prior permission or curfew change by probation officer.
  • Must live in Kootenai County.
  • Upon entry into the program, you will review each one of these conditions with your probation officer and initial each one.

Contact the Drug Court Coordinator for more information.

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