Solid Waste Department Improvements

Fighting Creek Landfill Closure Turf Project

Capping and cover of 16 acres of old landfill was completed in July 2018.  This project included installation of geomembrane/plastic top liner and closure turf material. The plastic restricts precipitation infiltration into the buried waste and reduces waste water generation that would have required collection and treatment.  The turf provides an artificial vegetative cover protecting the plastic from weather,sun, and vectors.  This project has successfully controlled leachate, side-slope seeps, soil erosion, and drainage issues.

Turf field outside

Fighting Creek Landfill Perimeter Road & Cell Berm Buildout

Development of a soil/material borrow source andconstruction of the perimeter road and berm for the future lined landfill Cells#3 and #4 was completed in October 2018.  Approximately 246,000 cubicyards of material was excavated from an upper hillside borrow area.  Aportion of the material was utilized for berm and perimeter road constructionand the remainder will be utilized for waste daily cover


Rose Lake Rural Solid Waste Collection Site

A new Rural Residential Solid Waste Collection Sitefor household waste was completed in July 2018.  In 2017, the County andEast Side Highway District worked cooperatively to remove soil/material fromthe hillside.  The Highway District acquired much needed material and theCounty benefitted as there was no cost to have the excavationperformed.   The 2018 work included the construction of a new pavedlot, site lighting and utilities, screened perimeter fence, and securitymeasures.  This County-owned site replaced two nearby sites that werelocated in state right-of-way.

Rose Lake 2