Board Overview


Budget Documents

View the Aquifer Protection Board budget documents.


The protection of groundwater quality by creating fee based funding for the following endeavors:

  • Assist regulatory bodies with enforcement of existing regulations, monitor and inspect potential sources of pollution
  • Implement educational programs for the entire community that enhances protection of the ground water
  • Coordinate the work of public agencies to assist in the prevention of degradation of our valuable ground water and to avoid the extensive cost of remedial action.


The Governing Board shall be the Board of County Commissioners of Kootenai County, Idaho.

Policy & Advisory Committee

The Governing Board shall appoint at least 9 and no more than 11 members to this committee. The composition of this committee shall consist of members who live within the district boundaries and who are representatives with the following characteristics:

  • A municipal domestic water provider
  • A water district
  • An irrigation district
  • A private water system
  • A well recognized business organization
  • A well recognized environmental organization
  • The agricultural community
  • An engineer or hydrologist
  • A citizen


The responsibility of the committee shall be to make recommendations to the County Commissioners regarding aquifer protection as to:

  • Work program elements
  • Methods of cooperation among public agencies
  • Developing an aquifer protection budget
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Governing Board
  • Hold at least one public hearing per year to receive public input

Additional Information

Additional information regarding the Aquifer Protection District may be found on the Panhandle Health District webpage.