DUI Court Team Members

  • DUI Court Judge: Pro-tem Scot Nass
    324 W Garden
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Phone: 208-446-1218
  • DUI Court deputy Public Defender
    Assigned on one-year rotational basis
    Phone: 208-446-1700
  • DUI Court Prosecuting Attorney - CDA City
    Roy Gowey
    Phone: 208-769-2323
  • DUI Court Prosecuting Attorney - Kootenai County
    Josh Studor
    Phone: 208-446-1800
  • Adult Misdemeanor Probation Officer
    Mary Marano
    106E Dalton Avenue
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Phone: 208-446-1991
  • Drug Court Treatment Providers
    Alliance Family Services
    Angela Palmer
    1200 Ironwood Way Suite 101
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83815
    Phone: 208-667-8347
  • Restored Paths
    Jennifer Romero
    109 E Harrison Avenue
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Phone: 208-664-8347
  • Dirne Community Health Center
    1111 Ironwood Drive
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Phone: 208-666-2557
  • Global Drug Testing
    2201 Government Way
    Suite C
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Business Phone: 208-664-6299
    Call in Line Phone: 208-664-2011, for drug testing (be sure that you are listening to the numbers for that day-call back later if the numbers have not been changed yet)
    Testing Hours
    Monday through Friday
    7 a.m. until 5 p.m.
    Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
    7 a.m. until noon
  • DUI Court Coordinator: Rita Wickham
    500 Government Way
    Suite 400
    Coeur d' Alene ID 83814
    Phone: 208-446-1220
    Fax: 208-446-1224
    For the most current program information or forms, please contact the DUI Court Coordinator.