Growth management strategies are tools that can help ensure the great qualities of Kootenai County are not lost to unplanned sprawl.

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GOOD NEIGHBORS GUIDE: Reducing conflict between homeowners, developers, farmers and forest owners

Good Neighbor The character of Kootenai County is changing as residential development moves closer and closer to established agricultural, timber and mixed ag-timber operations. With forethought, consideration and understanding of existing law, there need not be conflict between new residential owners and existing farmers or forest owners.

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Are you looking for the zoning designation of a parcel? The KC Web Map tool can give you access to zoning, addresses, ownership, and many other informational fields by following the below link:

KCEarth (Planning)

The planning process, both current and long range, is an opportunity for a county to prepare a set of strategies for the future. Planning and Zoning in Kootenai County was non-existent before 1973. Prior to that year, anything built on a piece of property followed no set of standards. Current planning and zoning regulations went into effect in 1973, and the "Idaho Local Planning Act" was created. Now, changes, upgrades, and variances must conform to this current code to determine whether structure is harmonious with the proposed site's zoning.

Land Use & Development Code Available

A copy of the Kootenai County Land Use and Development Code  may be found here.

The Draft Development Code Amendment to provide for re-entry facilities may be downloaded here .


Permits are required from the Planning Division of the Community Development Department prior to engaging in site disturbance activities such as grading, excavating, and storm drainage or runoff control, if planned within a subdivision. 

Water Quality

In addition, water quality issues are of concern. If a septic system is involved, inquiries are directed to:
Panhandle Health
8500 N Atlas Road
Hayden, ID 83835
Phone: 208-415-5100

If a community water system is affected by the site disturbance, inquiries are addressed to:
Department of Environmental Quality
2110 Ironwood Parkway
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
Phone: 208-769-1422