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Elections Manager
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*Welcome to our polling place locator tool.

To locate your polling place and district information:

  • Enter an address in the address box
  • Hit enter or click the "Look Up" button
  • An exact address match will zoom to the location on the map
  • An in-exact match will display a list of possible address matches
    • Scroll through to find the correct address
  • Due to database changes (especially new addresses) an address may not be found
  • Contact the Elections Office with any questions
    Click here for Use/Tips:

    • After an address is located more functions are available, the polling place for a given address can be displayed by pressing the "Show Location on Map" link.

    • The image of the polling location can be enlarged by clicking on the "Click Here to See Larger" on the top of the small image.

    • Precinct/District details are available by clicking the "Show Dist Details" Button, re-click to close the window.

    • About Four weeks prior to the upcoming election date, a link should appear to display a sample ballot for the searched address district's elections, if no election is applicable it should indicate so with "No Election" in the links place.

    • The address search is fairly forgiving in formatting and spelling but the more information available, such as pre-directional and street type, the more accurate the results will be.

    • The City is optional, but may be used to narrow a search down if needed.

    • If the map is not visible, please click here to trouble-shoot your Microsoft Silverlight installation.

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